Friday, 26 October 2007

Conflict Specialism Lecture - 26/10/07

I got the Tamil Tigers thingymajig wrong again! He said we will.
T still can’t find any reference to Michael Williams on Google! How can you be working in journalism for so long and leave no Google trail, now that is one trick I need to learn. To be ungooglable!

Notes from the news quiz quickie
- Article 33 from the Geneva Convention.
Collective punishment is illegal. Need to know as Ehud Barak is thinking of pulling the plug on Gaza. That’s collective punishment. Instead of dealing with Hamas only you punish the whole population.

One Iraqi and one Canadian were kidnapped in Darfur this week. The nation targeted was actually China. In question is who the Chinese government is supporting? How much it is investing in Africa? And in what?

- Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
Sec. Gen. of NATO

- And again, got the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elan wrong!

Lecture Notes

- War Crimes
- is it the role of the journalist to flag up war crimes? Or are you moving into advocacy journalism territory?
Probably yes you should BUT you need to be able to identify correctly war crimes according to the Geneva Convention.

Mikes tin box
- bath pulg
- door stop.. to keep doors closed!
- tampons… used to plug bullet entry wounds! You’re hoping not to need more than the extra small sized ones.
- How are you storing your information? Do you need to protect your contacts? Thinks of where and how you are storing all this as your computer might be searched and your papers confiscated.

Due first class after Christmas break

- Find somebody who has had to live through a conflict situation. NOT JOURNO
- Write a story about the person
- 1200 plus words
- for next time have NAME and some INFO.
Note to self: email mike

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